Hips and Knees Lecture at Leyland Golf Club

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Members of Leyland Golf Club recently attended a Consultant led event at their club to learn more about the treatment options and care of pains in hips and knees.

Euxton Hall Hospital’s Orthopaedic Consultant Mr Gordon Shepard, together with Physiotherapist Manager Cathy Greenwood and Senior Physiotherapist Michael delivered an engaging, informative and innovative lecture to around 40 members of Leyland Golf Club.  

The subject matter was Hips and Knees as this seems to be the most common location of injury for Golfers.  Gordon began his lecture by explaining what is happening within these joints that causes the pain and how simple changes in lifestyle etc can help manage the symptoms.  He then went on to share with the members the advantages and disadvantages of current treatments before sharing with them the new biological treatments that are available and which are achieving impressive results.

At the end of the evening the Q & A session provided a great opportunity for those there to request more specific support and advice around their own personal conditions and problems.

All in all a really successful evening and one which we will definitely be repeating for other Golf and Sports Clubs.

Gordon is a specialist in Hips and Knees but Euxton has some of the country’s finest Orthopaedic Consultants available to support and provide advice for sports clubs. If you would like to arrange a similar event or for any further information please contact Beverley Macauley on 07500 050 090.

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