Tummy Tuck in Lancashire

Tummy tucks

What is a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as an abdominoplasty procedure, refers to the removal of excess fatty tissue and skin from around the waist and the tightening of the muscles in the abdominal wall. It is performed for both cosmetic and health reasons. 

Patients can choose from a full abdominoplasty or a mini abdominoplasty. A mini tummy tuck is a quicker and less invasive procedure than the full abdominoplasty. It results in a smaller scar and is recommended for patients who have a less significant amount of excess abdominal skin and those who are experiencing minor skin sagginess. 

A full tummy tuck would be performed on patients with more excess skin and who require additional muscle tightening.

A tummy tuck is often performed in conjunction with liposuction, a procedure also to remove unwanted body fat, for those looking to achieve a slimmer waistline.

What are the benefits of a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is used to reshape the waist and create a slimmer, smoother and tighter abdominal area. By removing excess fat and loose skin from a patient’s abdomen and tightening the stomach muscles their abdominal contours are improved. 

Having a firm, flat stomach can have a huge impact on the way patients feel about themselves. A tummy tuck may help patients feel better and less self-conscious about their figure, be more confident in themselves and wear different outfits they feel and look good in.

Who might benefit from a tummy tuck?

Patients who’ve had one or more pregnancy or who’ve lost large amounts of weight will often find they have excess flaccid and sagging skin in their stomach area which won’t budge through diet and exercise alone. Also as the muscles of the abdomen have been stretched, the patient’s stomach may push forward from the inside, creating an unsightly bulge of the abdomen. A tummy tuck will tighten these muscles. 

Some patients just wish to loose skin and fat from their stomach for a flatter and tighter stomach.

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