Hip or knee pain?

Are you losing your mobility?

Considering a hip replacement or knee surgery? 

If your hips or knees are causing you pain or limiting your mobility, our team of leading consultants can help...

Whether it is your hips or knees, painful joints are something that many people think is inevitable as they get older. Sometimes the pain is so severe that it causes emotional distress too. In some cases, people can even lose their independence when the problem goes untreated.

Today, things are definitely looking up. Medical techniques and technologies have moved on so much that hip and knee replacements are easier and more successful than ever before.  In fact, thousands of individuals gain a new lease of life every single year thanks to the skill and expertise of surgeons.  

Recovery and rehabilitation is better too, and that means the journey from patient to completely pain-free is quicker and less disruptive than it used to be.  All in all, it’s great news if you suffer from painful hips or knees, or if you’re considering a hip or knee replacement.

Why come to Euxton Hall Hospital?

At Euxton Hall Hospital, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing excellent personalised care in pleasant and relaxing surroundings.  We start by allocating every patient a dedicated advisor; someone who will make sure that the care, attention and medical treatment you receive is carefully designed to meet your unique and specific needs.

Our consultant orthopaedic surgeons underpin our reputation too, and that is because they offer the perfect mix of professional skill and friendly service you would expect from leaders in their field. We also take care of the little details, and that means we provide those special ‘extras’ that make your stay convenient, comfortable and hassle-free.

  • Fast and flexible appointment times means that you can get treated sooner, and that can help minimise your recovery time as well as eliminating the wait.
  • Our personalised approach covers everything from your treatment itself through to discharge, medication and rehabilitation or follow-up appointments.
  • Our consultant orthopaedic surgeons are highly-qualified specialists with the skills and expertise to perform their work to the very highest standards.
  • State-of-the-art clinical equipment, including on-site X-ray, ultrasound and MRI technologies.
  • For your convenience and comfort, and to help you recover more quickly, our superb physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities are all on site.
  • We provide private en-suite rooms, in-patient extras, varied menus of freshly prepared food and even free parking on site, all helping to make your stay more comfortable and less hassle.
  • Interest-free finance can be arranged with Zebra Health Finance if you require, to help you receive the care you need sooner.

Help is here

To help find out if a hip or knee replacement is the right medical intervention for you, please email us about booking your consultation: orthopaedics@ramsayhealth.co.uk

Our procedures

At Euxton Hall Hospital we treat a wide range of hip and knee complaints, including performing hip and knee replacements.  Whatever your own clinical need is, you can relax knowing that the standards of our care and the quality of our equipment are second to none.  That is why our patients recommend us.

Meet our consultants

Our medical teams are handpicked for their professionalism and expertise, none more so than our consultant orthopaedic surgeons.  As well as being excellent clinicians, our consultants also have the people skills to deliver care with courtesy and discretion: all part of our wider approach to patient satisfaction.

Total Care package

With everything you need in one simple package, our Total Care package is refreshingly comprehensive.  This fixed-price system takes care of all your needs, whether you need simple knee surgery or an entire hip replacement.


This package covers everything you are likely to require, from the moment you meet your consultant for the first time, right through to any outpatient care you might need.

  • Pre-operative assessment before your admission
  • Hospital accommodation and meals if required/appropriate
  • Unlimited nursing care
  • Diagnostic services as an in-patient e.g. MRI, CT and X-ray
  • Fees for your Consultant while you are with us
  • Sixty days of post-discharge outpatient care starting the day you leave hospital

Post-operative aftercare

Our Post-operative package covers you for care once your in-patient treatment is complete.

  • For one follow-up consultation with your consultant
  • For a single post-operative X-ray
  • Physiotherapy
  • Up to 10 days of take-home medications, as prescribed by your consultant

Getting referred

GP referral

You can ask to be referred to Euxton Hall Hospital if your GP suggests you need see a consultant for joint pain, or to talk about hip or knee surgery.


You can also refer yourself through your consultant who may choose to get in touch with your GP for further information.

Insurer referral

Contact your insurance company and speak to your GP to inform them that you will be using your private medical insurance.

Come and see us

To book in with one of our consultant orthopaedic surgeons, or to talk to someone about hip or knee pain, you can call us today on 01257 237 041.


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  • Loan money paid directly to Ramsay Health Care
  • A loan designed to put more expensive health procedures within easier reach
  • Simple Online application
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